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“I pledge to never fund fossil fuels. I will open my account at a bank that prioritizes people and the planet.”

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Call Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon’s Office Phone Number: 212-270-1111

Call script:

Hi – I am calling as more than forty Indigneous women, who live in communities impacted by the development of tar sands oil, recently sent an open letter to Mr. Dimon warning JPMorgan Chase away from financial support for the tar sands sector. We are demanding that Chase stop financing the Line 3 & KXL tar sands pipelines. I wanted to make sure that you had received that letter, and to encourage Mr. Dimon and his team to immediately set up a meeting with the women who sent the letter.

If you get a live person, here are some call tips:

  • Be polite. Our concerns are with the corporation, not with the person answering the phone.
  • Ask questions – i.e:
    • Do you know if Mr Dimon has received the letter?
    • Do you know if Mr. Dimon or other Chase executives are planning to meet with the women?
  • You may get immediately transferred to another department. If that happens, stay on the line and talk with whoever you get transferred to.
  • Ask for a follow-up
    • Ask for the name of the person you talk with, and ask for their email so that you can follow up with them personally
Brand Jam the companies propping up the Line 3 & KXL

Sample post for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Hey @Chase, @WellsFargo, @Citi, @mufgbk_official, @Vanguard_Group & @BlackRock. Line 3 is a catastrophe for our climate & violates Indigenous treaty rights & sovereignty. You must commit to #StopLine3 now! #StopLine3 #DefundClimateChange #StopTheMoneyPipeline #NotMyDirtyMoney

Join #StopLine3 National Digital Rally on Wednesday, December 9

Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline is beginning construction, despite challenges from Indigenous nations, youth climate intervenors, land owners and environmental groups.

This fight is heating up and we are not backing down! Get the latest news from on the ground leaders, frontline defenders, statewide organizers and finance campaigners. Join in to learn about ways that you can support in protecting the water, land and the people working to #StopLine3.

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Deliver a Letter to Tar Sands Financiers: Tell them #StopLine 3 & #NoKXL

Tar sands is one of the dirtiest oils on the planet. Sign up to deliver a letter to an asset manager, bank and/or insurance company in your community that is financing Enbridge’s Line 3 & TC Energy’s KXL tar sands pipeline. Check for Blackrock, Vanguard and Liberty Mutual offices and Bank of America, Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo, or Union Bank branches.

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Sign Petition to incoming President Biden: Help Stop Line 3!

Sign the Petition

Dear President-Elect Joe Biden,

In solidarity with thousands of supporters in the State of Minnesota, and around the country, I urge your administration to take bold, executive action to oppose the Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

The path of Enbridge’s proposed Line 3 pipeline cuts through pristine wetlands and watersheds in northern Minnesota, through the heart of Minnesota’s lake country and some of the largest and most productive wild rice beds in the world. Many Anishinaabe communities along the Minnesota portion of the proposed route are opposed to the project, making it in violation of the internationally recognized principle of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent for impacted Indigenous peoples.

The global scientific community agrees that we have less than 10 years to halt and cut global emissions or face catastrophic consequences to civilization. To put that in real economic terms — the State of Minnesota’s own analysis projects that Line 3 has a climate change cost to society of $287 billion in damage over 30 years. Thank you for taking the “No KXL pledge” and establishing a climate test for proposed pipelines. Will you demonstrate the same climate leadership on Line 3?

I support your declared leadership for a liveable climate and don’t want to see this pipeline undercut your promise to act in the face of the climate crisis. Your leadership is urgently needed to encourage MN Governor Tim Walz to reject the remaining permits and put a stay on construction activities to demonstrate respect for Indigenous rights, to protect our water, and to secure a livable climate for generations to come.

Kind regards,

Put social media pressure on the Minnesota Governor to #StopLine3

Sample tweets:

  • Hey @GovTimWalz @MNCommerce

    Line 3 would violate the treaty rights of Anishinaabe peoples and nations in its path — wild rice is a centerpiece of Anishinaabe culture, it grows in numerous watersheds Line 3 seeks to cross. #stopline3

  • Hey @GovTimWalz @MNCommerce

    Line 3 would contribute more to climate change than Minnesota’s entire economy. #stopline3

  • Hey @GovTimWalz @MNCommerce

    Line 3 would violate the treaty rights of Anishinaabe peoples and nations in its path — wild rice is a centerpiece of Anishinaabe culture, it grows in numerous watersheds Line 3 seeks to cross. #StopLine3

Call the Minnesota Governor and demand he #StopLine3

Governor Time Walz’s office: (651) 201-3400
Minnesota Department of Health: (651) 201-5000

Sample Script:

Hi, I’m [NAME], I’m calling from [PLACE], and I’m calling because I am extremely concerned about the possibility of construction on the Line 3 pipeline. The pipeline is still facing enormous legal challenges from tribal nations, advocacy groups, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. I’m calling to urge the [name of office] to advocate for a stay against construction to protect the integrity of the process, and to protect communities in Minnesota from the dangerous spread of COVID. Thank you.”

Information you can add:

“All pipelines spill. Line 3 isn’t about safe transportation of a necessary product, it’s about expansion of a dying tar sands industry. Line 3 would contribute more to climate change than Minnesota’s entire economy. Minnesota’s own Department of Commerce found our local market does not need Line 3 oil. We need to decommission the old Line 3 and justly transition to a renewable, sustainable economy. Line 3 would violate the treaty rights of Anishinaabe peoples and nations in its path — wild rice is a centerpiece of Anishinaabe culture, it grows in numerous watersheds Line 3 seeks to cross.It’s well-past time to end the legacy of theft from and destruction of indigenous peoples and territories.” – Stop Line 3

Speaker Bios

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Kayah George

Kayah George ‘Halth-Leah’ proudly carries the teachings of her Tulalip and Tsleil-Waututh Nations which have inspired her to become a young Indigenous and environmental leader, scholar, and activist.

She has talked globally about climate justice and spread the teachings of her nations to honor and care for the earth while being a full time student at Simon Fraser University. (She/Her pronouns)

Jasilyn Charger

Jasilyn Charger is a Land Defender and community organizer youth advocate for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. She is 23 years old and has been on the frontlines for six years battling pipelines, protecting and advocating for Native American and LGBTQ rights. Currently she is supporting a local movement for MMIW with the Women Warriors Society opposing the construction of the KXL pipeline.

Jasilyn is the co-founder of the International Indigenous Youth Council, The One Mind Movement, and 7th Defenders, a grass roots group that serves disadvantaged youth and young adults on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Jasilyn Charger was one of the few youth who ignited the Standing Rock Pipeline Resistance Movement.

Rachel Spector

Rachel Spector is a student activist attending Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment and majoring in environmental conservation and society. Originally from Florida, she found a passion for the environment after her father read her a book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn when she was just eight years old. Since then she has felt an obligation to discover ways of foraging a healthy co-existence between humanity and the planet through science, education, politics, and activism.

Since 2017 she has been heavily involved in the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline in southwest Virginia through participation in direct action and supporting impacted landowners. This past September she organized Virginia Tech’s first ever climate strike and used that momentum to co-found an organization called Virginia Tech for Climate Justice whose mission is to transition the university onto 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Zakaria Kronemer

Zakaria lives in Richmond, Virginia where they are stewarding multiple urban farms along with other youth of color. Up until now, his efforts have been mainly involved in defending land from the construction of two fracked gas pipelines in Virginia–one of which, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, was just officially terminated last week.

Dulce C. Arias

Dulce Arias is 19 year olds, originally born in Mexico and currently a youth Climate Justice organizer and Lead Circle member with Youth vs Apocalypse a youth led non profit organization based in the Bay Area Ca (occupied Muwekma Ohlone territory) who work together to amplify the voices of youth, in particular, youth of color to fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world.

Dulce has taken part in organizing three major climate strikes in San Francisco, two Recelency Villages in Oakland Ca and other in person and online actions around the state. She has spoken at different events in her community and led school presentations. She also carries out some graphic design, social media and visual art advisory for Youth vs Apocalypse.

Emma Harrison

Emma is a college student on occupied Dakota land in so-called St Paul, Minnesota. She has been part of the Line 3 pipeline resistance movement for the past three years. She has worked on various climate finance campaigns, including organizing for divestment at her school, Macalester College, urging the State Board of Investment to divest Minnesota pension funds, and targeting Chase Bank’s investments in Line 3 and other tar sands pipeline projects. At school, Emma is finishing a dance minor and her major in Activist History.

Magdalena Meyers-Dahlkamp

Magdalena Meyers-Dahlkamp is 12 years old and the co-founder of the Earth Guardians Bay Area Crew. She was one of the youngest students in a video that went viral of youth asking Senator Feinstein to support the Green New Deal, reminding the world that “we’re the ones that are going to be most impacted.”

Magdalena loves contributing to the climate justice movement through her dance, visual arts and fierce persistence. She seeks to build on the confidence of women in history who have stood strong in the face of adversity. Magdalena smiles most when she’s with friends at the ocean.